Activating the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity and Launch of the U40 Africa Network

Over 170 delegates gathered during the course of 2 days to deliberate on the implications of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and to launch the U40 Africa Network, a continent-wide network of cultural activists, researchers and policymakers under the age of 40.  

Aside from lively discussion and debate, the two days culminated in two concrete and valuable results which will enable the deliberations from the event to be translated into action:
  •  the formalisation of a South African Civil Society Working Group to take forward engagement with the South African government on the implementation of the Convention
  • the formalisation of the Steering Committee for the U40 Africa Network, with members confirmed from all five regions of the continent
Many thanks to all who participated in the event, and particularly to the continental and international delegates. 

Further information and news on the activities of both the U40 Africa Network and the South African Civil Society Working Group will be updated on this website on an ongoing basis.

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Download the full document pack, presentations and summaries of sessions and meetings below.


Full Document Pack

UNESCO Guidelines on the Implementation of the Convention


List of Delegates in Attendance


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Morning Presentations

Overview of Convention - Damir Dijakovic

Panel Discussion

Mike van Graan input

U40 Session

Afternoon Breakaway Sessions

1. Accessing the Creative Goods Markets of the North 

2. Creative industries in Africa

3. Dead documents?

4. Developing Human Capacity

5. The Creative Economy vs Art for Arts Sake

6. Civil Society Participation: How?